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Yeah yeah yeah I’m the fool
And I’m tired of being your fool
Said I’m tired of that fact that I’m playing the fool.
Oh tell why the fool ? tell me why a fool why ?
tell me why?
I always try to try to be cool
so tell me do I look cool ?
And I’m tired of the fact that I’m trying to be cool
if you can’t take me like I am then tell me why
tell me why
(Girl come on)
I come over your home
I knock on your front door
they all know ?
but know I don’t know
this is killing me
it’s killing my heart
I got nice heart
it’s a heart that…that feels
But who fucking cares ?

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I seen Lupe Fiasco Panic at the disco Oh no fiasco !!!

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prairie-smoke said: happy birthday! :)

I said:

Thank you so much :) Go follow this cool person !!!

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